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BBL/Foto Facial

aftercare & what to expect

About BBL

BBL FotoFacial reduces the signs of aging and other skin issues using non-invasive pulses of Broad Band Light (BBL). There is minimal recovery time and a low risk of complications with BBL treatments. Multiple sessions (typically 3-5) can be performed every 2-4 weeks until the desired result has been achieved. Additional periodic treatments may be required to maintain results over time. If you are prone to getting cold sores, be sure to take your antiviral medication prior to appointment.

Immediately Following Your FotoFacial Treatment

For the first 24-48 hours, skin may appear red and swollen or have a mild sunburn sensation. This is a normal reaction. Applying an ice pack or cool compress for the first 24 hours will help minimize swelling. Tylenol or Advil may also be used. Makeup may be applied immediately after the treatment as long as skin integrity has not been compromised. The treated area must be handled with care.

BE GENTLE! Do not scratch or pick at your skin!

Brown Spots/Hyperpigmentation

After your BBL treatment, the pigmentation spots will start to darken within 24 to 48 hours.

This is a desired and normal reaction that we refer to as “coffee grounds”. The “coffee grounds” will naturally exfoliate off, revealing new, more even, smoother skin. This process can take 5-7 days for the face and up to 14 days for the body. Do NOT pick at or exfoliate your skin, it may result in infection or scarring.

Redness/Blood Vessels

In the treatment of vascular lesions, energy from the light is absorbed by the red blood cells, and the resulting heat is transferred to the wall of the blood vessel to destroy it. During treatment the vessel may completely disappear or may appear darker before the collapsed vessel is removed by the body.

This process can take up to two weeks to resolve.

Avoid all of the following until sensitivity has completely subsided (up to 48 hours):

  • Use of scented lotions, soaps, exfoliant creams (Retin-A, glycolic/salicylic, AHA’s),acne creams/gels, physical exfoliants.

  • Hot or cold water – wash with tepid water

  • Shaving

  • Swimming pools and spas

  • Activities that cause excessive perspiration (sauna, steam room, hot yoga, vigorous exercise)

Sun Exposure

Strictly avoid any sun exposure to the treated area for a minimum of 7 days after the procedure. The treated area is more prone to sunburn and pigmentation change. Keep the area covered and use a sunblock of SPF 30 or above and reapply every 2 hours. Delayed blistering secondary to sun exposure can occur up to 72 hours post treatment.

  • In the unusual case of crusting of the skin in the treated area, apply Aquaphor® ointment twice daily to affected areas. Do NOT pick at these areas, as this may result in infection or scarring.

  • If the skin is broken or a blister appears, apply an antibiotic ointment and contact us immediately. Keep the affected area moist and avoid direct sunlight.

Questions? Please call 303-339-0209 or email us:

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