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aftercare & what to expect

  • Your skin might feel sensitive, similar to a mild sunburn. This is normal. Your skin may become tight, dry and may even peel or flake slightly.

  • You may experience rough texture or “rug burn” in certain areas. These areas must be kept moist with an ointment like Aquaphor or Sanitas Topical C in order to heal faster.

  • After your microderm treatment you may experience a small break-out which should clear-up quickly.

  • A mild moisturizer is your single most important tool for the next few days. Be consistent and be generous—it will help your skin recover more quickly.

  • If you are prone to getting cold sores, be sure to take your antiviral medication prior to appointment.


  • Keep your skincare routine basic for the next few days.

  • Focus on products and ingredients that hydrate and soothe.

  • Avoid ingredients that have exfoliating properties. If in doubt, put it aside for a few days.

  • Use sunscreen generously and avoid as much direct sun exposure as possible.

  • Protecting those fresh, new skin cells from the sun's rays is an absolute must.

  • Avoid treatments like laser, waxing, shaving, or dermaplaning.

  • Don't use anything exfoliating or aggressive. Avoid active ingredients like prescription topicals, AHAs/BHAs, Retinol, and others for a few days.

  • Skip saunas, steam rooms and sweaty workouts on the same day of your microderm. 

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