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Made with sugar, coconut & shea butters, glycerin &

Vitamin-E oil, Sugar Whip is a fantastic exfoliator that

also leaves your skin moisturized and supple.

Leave by your kitchen sink or shower for ultra soft &

smooth hands & body.

To use: Wash with soap and rinse, rub scrub into

skin, rinse with warm water and gently pat dry.

Our luxurious hand & body sugar scrubs are

available in three exclusive scents custom-created

by Kitto Katto Skincare.

Makes a beautiful & unique gift!

Kitto Katto luxe home fragrance sprays instantly elevate the mood & atmosphere of any space. Enhance your spaces with any one of our three exceptional, custom-created home fragrances sprays.

Our Venus Rose fragrance is fresh and floral with rose, green tea, iris and a hint of myrrh. This exclusive fragrance is also available in our sugar scrub and candles.

Our Room Parfum is perfect for adding a beautiful scent anywhere: from closets, cars & powder rooms, to refreshing throw blankets, towels and bedding.

This candle does so much more than provide a beautiful fragrance and create a lovely ambiance in any space.

By purchasing this candle, you are allowing us to donate $5 to The Delores Project for each and every candle sold. The Delores Project is a Denver non-profit that provides low-barrier shelter and services for women and transgender individuals experiencing homelessness. This candle is the perfect way to give back and get a beautiful gift for you or someone you love.

Our Ginger Lily fragrance is bright and fresh, with ginger blossom, cardamom tea, citrus, and invigorating peppermint. This exclusive fragrance is also available in our sugar scrubs and room sprays.

Made with coconut & apricot wax, our candles burn clean & bright and are available in three beautiful scents, custom-created by us.

Approximately 50 hours of burn time.

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Today Only!

Youth in Bloom


Youth in Bloom beauty oil is a precise blend of the highest quality organic plant-derived oils, plus a delicate bouquet of organic essential botanicals. With 5 nourishing oils and 6 essential oils, our proprietary blend will not only drench your complexion, it will also replenish, brighten and nourish the skin...

Youth in Bloom Beauty oil

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What is Kitto Katto?

Kitto Katto is Japanese slang for, "surely you will win", inspiring our motto "Winning Skin".

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The KITTO KATTO (kit-Ō /cat-Ō) story:

 KITTO KATTO is slang for the Japanese phrase, kitto katsu,which means “surely you will win” – inspiring our motto, “winning skin"!